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     With offices nationwide, Reserve Data Analysis is the first company in the United States, in the field of financial reserve studies. Since 1983 we have prepared captial reserve studies for thousands of clients across North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. We have developed our own reserve analysis software allowing us to generate precise calculations and forecasts as well as offer a variety of solutions to clients with special situations.

     As consultants to property managers, accountants, attorneys and community associations, RDA focuses its expertise on the complexities of reserve funding and successful long-term planning. Our services are essential for the implementations of an effective budgeting plan, and the experience, reputation and quality we offer are unmatched in the industry

     The RDA Reserve Management Software, first developed in 1980, was the first of its kind and has since become the most widely computational and projection tool.  The Software is complete with a built in database of cost and typical useful life ranges, with over 2,000 cost components.